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Summer is heating up.  Kids are out of school, families are out and about hiking, swimming and having a backyard BBQ.
Summer typically across the US is also the time for people to move.

Let’s check to see if this holds true if you were buying/selling a larger acreage property or a farm in the Grand Junction/Fruita/Loma/Mack/Palisade area.

For this, I have run a 2 year cycle going between June 1, 2012 and May 31, 2014 looking at when properties sold.  The properties that were looked at were homes that sat on anywhere between 3-20 acres.

Falling is a chart of when homes Sold by month.

Jan 9 5.56%
Feb 10 6.17%
March 10 6.17%
April 13 8.02%
May 23 14.20%
June 20 12.35%
July 19 11.73%
Aug 14 8.64%
Sept 13 8.02%
Oct 10 6.17%
Nov 11 6.79%
Dec. 10 6.17%

Something to keep in mind with the above information is this is the month in which they sold NOT when they went under contract.
Let’s assume that they went under contract ~30-45 days prior to closing.  Therefore, if we take a look at the largest time to buy/sell, it would appear that it would be in the late March-mid June area as this is when these larger acreage properties went under contract.
The rest of the year is fairly even but no other 3 months period rivals this time for when properties go under contract.

Thinking of buying/selling a larger acreage property or farm in the Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade, Loma, or Mack area?
Please give me a call.  Matt Eilers- 970-445-8227 or e-mail at MattEilers@aol.com


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