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Have you ever wondered the breakdown of what goes into building a new home?
The National Association of Builders, NAHB, earlier this year released the results of a survey from 2013 that broke down the various costs that go into new home construction.

Here are the results of where the final home’s sales price goes to (this is a national average):
62%- Construction Costs
19%- Finished Lot Costs
9.3%- Builder Profits
4%- Overhead and general expenses
4%- Sales Commissions
1%- Financing Costs
1%- Marketing Costs

Here is the breakdown of where the Construction Costs went:
29.3%- Interior Finishes
19.1%- Framing
14.4%- Exterior Finishes
13.4%- Major System Rough-ins
9.5%- Foundations
6.8%- Site Work
6.6%- Final Steps
0.9%- Other Costs

To read more on this, click or copy & paste: http://www.nahb.org/generic.aspx?sectionID=734&genericContentID=221388&channelID=311

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