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Hugs & Kisses, Dragons Blood, Salty Tear, Magic Potion, Grandma’s Sweater, Potentially Purple, & Frozen in Time.

Believe it or not, these are all different type of paint colors.  No wonder when it comes time to choose a paint color, we diligently head to the paint store, grab a paint wheel to studiously review, see the insane number of selections and…..cue eyes glazing over and brain shutting  down.  With colors like Potentially Purple, can you blame a complete brain freeze?  Is that color purple….potentially.

Here are a few links to hopefully make the painting process a tad easier.

Benjamin Moore’s 2015 Color of the Year-  Guilford Green
“A neutral that’s natural. A silvery green that works with, well, everything. No worries. No second thoughts. Just a brush, dipped in a can, whooshed on a wall, and a whole lot of happily ever after.”   –Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director, Benjamin Moore With a description like that, no wonder it is the 2015 color of the year.  Makes me want to jump into a pool of Guilford Green and live happily ever after bathed in Guilford Green from head to toe.

Selling a Home? How to Stage Your Home with Color
Painting is a low cost way to visually enhance your home, freshen up the home’s look both inside and outside and make it appealing for a Buyer to walk through. On the other hand, rooms that have very
BOLD colors can be a turn off to Buyers, make some areas such as bathrooms seem smaller than they already are and potentially cost the Sellers thousands of dollars in a lower sales price as I find most Buyers are looking for a home that is nice and move in ready rather than a home that comes with a honey doo list right from the get go.  The following link has some nice tips as well as a 30 minute webinar that is worth a listen when the time comes to paint.

Color Visualizer
A nice website that I have used in the past that can help you see how colors might look is found at Sherman Williams.  They have a color visualizer where you can upload your own photo (never have tried this) or choose pictures from various rooms of the house like a bedroom, kitchen…and then choosing a color, dragging it onto the wall and seeing how it looks.  Fun to play around with to at least narrow down your selection.  Use the link below and then click on the “Launch Color Visualizer” tab which can be found in the middle of the page just a short way down.

Good luck & happy painting from Dream Home Real Estate.

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