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A state law that went into place back on July 1, 2009 could require you to have a carbon monoxide alarm in your property or rental property.  IF your property is heated with fossil fuels (fuel includes kerosene, coal, oil, gas and wood), has a fossil-fuel appliance, has a fireplace or has an attached garage then the property is required to have a carbon monoxide alarm within 15 feet of the entrance to each sleeping bedroom or other room lawfully used for sleeping purposes.  When the law was written, it did not apply to commercial buildings.  This law does apply to homes & multi-family homes (example: a condo).

This rule applies to every home that is sold, remodeled, repaired, or leased to a new tenant after July 1, 2009.

For a more details about the Carbon Monoxide detector rule, you can visit the following link: http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite?blobcol=urldata&blobheadername1=Content-Disposition&blobheadername2=Content-Type&blobheadervalue1=inline%3B+filename%3D%22Frequently+Asked+Questions+-+Carbon+Monoxide+Alarm+Law+-+Colorado+House+Bill+1091.pdf%22&blobheadervalue2=application%2Fpdf&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere=1251811662754&ssbinary=true


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