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Top 5 Selling Recommendations

When it comes time to sell your property, I believe the following are very important:

1) Act Like A Buyer!

What you say, I thought this was for Sellers?? Looking at a market analysis on paper is one thing, but nothing beats going out and acting like a Buyer. I find it very beneficial for us to go out and see at least 5 other properties currently on the market that would be competition for you. You will be able to see the condition, location, amenities…of your competition and compare it to yours. Being able to see what a Buyer sees if very helpful in finding your proper listing price as well as any improvements to your property you should consider.

2) De-Clutter, De-Personalize and tell yourself, “this is no longer my home”

Have you ever walked into a Model Home and thought to yourself, “this is gorgeous, I want this”. This is what you are striving for. You need to remind yourself that you are moving and will no longer live in the home. This means you need to get rid of all your clutter, all your personal pictures and probably some of your furniture to make the home show as well as it can. You are going to have to pack up your stuff eventually, so you might as well do it before listing, store it, and make the home shine. Many Sellers fool themselves into thinking, “oh, Buyers will look past all my stuff”…. No they won’t, and if they do, it will come at a price. Unfortunately, a price to you on the sales price.

3) Get out a Hammer and Paint Brush

Time to put some Sweat Equity into your place. Almost all properties can use some sort of maintenance or upgrades. It is amazing how new paint, carpet and some basic maintenance can transform a property. Plus, many Buyers want a property that is move in ready.  They are about to spend a lot of money on a home purchase and the last thing they want to do is to have a lengthy honeydoo list right from the get go.

See my Recommended Improvements List below.

4) Is it a Seller’s Market or Buyer’s Market?

This will greatly determine how you should price your property and how important the condition your property is. In a Seller’s Market, you might be able to get away with a slightly higher selling price and/or a property in average condition. Not so in a Buyer’s Market, where price and condition are the difference between Selling and ….well a lot of stress.

5) Price Appropriately

Now that you have cleaned up your place, fixed up some necessary repair items and have a good idea of the market, it is time to set your price. Make sure you price appropriately if you are truly looking to sell. Generally, your home will get the most interest in the first month that it is on the market. If your home is priced too high and competing with much nicer properties, it won’t stand a chance. If you are in a very slow market, you may need to be priced below properties that you are nicer than to create added interest. Remember, in a slow market, there are only so many Buyers floating around, you need to do your best to get one of them to make an offer on your home.

Recommended Low Cost Improvement List

OUTSIDE- Curb Appeal, The First Impression.

1) Landscaping can make a BIG difference.

Make sure you trim back any overgrown bushes or trees so Buyers can actually see your home. In the Summer, invest in some colorful flowers or buy a flower basket for your front door to help create an attractive entrance to your home.

2) Have a Tired Exterior?

Before going all out on a full on exterior repainting, choose a fresh vibrant color for trim around the windows, doors and borders of your home. It can do wonders.

3) DeClutter

Yes, you will need to get rid of any clutter outside as well. Remember, if you have a lot of clutter, you are basically telling the Buyer, “this home is not big enough”.

4) Clean your Windows

This not only freshens up the look, it will provide extra light to the inside of the home, a BIG plus for Buyers.

Inside The Home

1) Paint, Paint, Paint!

A very cheap and easy do it yourself item that can return big dividends. Be sure to choose complimentary colors. Not good at choosing colors? Then while you are going around looking at your competition on the market, see what appeals to you or go into Open Homes on the weekend to get ideas.

2) Kitchens and Bathrooms are key!

If you have money to upgrade, this is generally where it should be done. If you do not, then do what you can with a limited budget. If you have old dark kitchen cabinets, paint them and buy some attractive hardware to give the kitchen a fresh look. In the bathroom, buy a new attractive shower curtain as well as new white towels.

3) Steam Clean the Carpets

If you have old or tired carpet and you cannot afford to replace them, at least get them steam cleaned. You can do this yourself for not much money or hire a professional.

4) New Light Fixtures and Hardware

This is another potentially low cost item that can greatly help your homes look. Replace light fixtures where you can as well as handles (doors, faucets….)

5) This Home Smells so_____________

This is where you get to complete the sentence. Make sure you keep the home smelling…well like home, open the windows once a day, get some potpourri, and bake some bread or cookies on the day of an Open House. The smells of pets and/or smoking NEED to be removed.

6) Buy new Bedspreads.

This can make a world of difference to a bedroom. It is amazing how a colorful bedspread with matching pillows just changes the room. Another fairly inexpensive upgrade

7) Create Vignettes of a Day in the Life of Your Home

Try to create at least 5 vignettes in your home. You are trying to set the stage so a Buyer can “see” his/her experiences in the home. As an example, set the kitchen/dining table and have a beautiful flower centerpiece. You will now help the Buyer see themselves sitting down to a beautiful dinner with the family. Or, if you have a small reading nook, place a book on the chair with a set of reading glasses nearby. The Buyer can now envision enjoying a relaxing afternoon reading their favorite novel. This actually is a lot of fun to walk around and try to create vignettes for different parts of your home.