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Summer is here!!  Kids are out of school and the temperatures are warming up…what to do?
Grab the kids & head to the Grand Junction Splash Pad on Main St. & 5th to let the kids play and cool off.

Hours of operation:
Weekends: 10am-10pm
Mon-Fri: 10am-11am; 12-1:30pm, 2:30pm-3:30pm & 4:30-10pm


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Fruita Single Family Home Sales



# of Sales



Median Sales Price



Average Sales Price



Median Days On Market



*The period looked at is Jan. 1-May 15th for each year

The above is a quick look at some real estate sales statistics for Fruita, CO comparing 2014 to 2013.

# of sales is up 9.47%.

Median Days on Market has remained about the same more or less.

Sales Price- Average sales price is up +8.17% while median sales price is down -2.1%

Positive take from this is sales are up which should continue to remove inventory from the market.  If this trend continues, then price should follow the same trend with an upward movement.  Supply & Demand…as the supply decreases and the demand increases, then value increases as well.

Have a home to sell?
Call me to get an in-depth analysis of what your home might sell for in today’s market

Thinking of Buying?
Please e-mail me your search parameters and I can e-mail you back what best matches what you are looking for.  Stop going to site after site trying to find what is available.  Put me to work for you.  I am honest, friend and NO pressure whatsoever.

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The following is highlights from a report Heritage Title recently put out.
*Heritage Title- 970-241-8555

Keep in mind that winter is a slow sales time regardless of activity.  In my opinion, spring/summer are the telltale times of how the market is progressing.

1st Quarter Real Estate Highlights:
*10% fewer sales in 1st quarter 2014 vs 1st quarter 2013
*$133 million in real estate sales in 1st quarter 2014, down 8% from 2013
*median home pricing was for January: $167,400, Feb: $181,950, & March: 159,450
The market peaked in 2008 with a median sales price of $222,000
*Days on Market average was 131 days (2014) vs 153 days (2013).  Keep in mind that days on market for our area include the days that the property is under contract all the way up until the day of sale.
*Home Building: 97 permits issued vs 90 for the same time period last year
*Foreclosure filing dropped from 182 in 2013 to 148 in 1st quarter 2014.  The peak was in 2010 when there was 397 filings.
*resale of foreclosed homes composed 14% of the sales in 2014 (91 of them)  vs 25% in 2013 when there was 181

If you have any questions on market conditions or would like a free evaluation of your home’s value, please let me know.
Great service with equally great listing rates.

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Looking to get out and about Memorial Day Weekend in Grand Junction.  Here is a look of a few things that are going on this weekend. Enjoy.

Shrine Circus- May 23 & 24th
Buy your tickets at City Market to save money.
Location: Mesa County Fairgrounds

Antique Truck & Tractor Show- May 24th
Free.  Location: Mesa County Fairgrounds Lions Park Complex starting at 8am

JUCO World Series- May 24-May 31st

Law Enforcement Torch Run 5K Run/Walk  May 24th
$30.  Benefits Special Olympics of Colorado
Call 970-986-1187 for more information

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In the exploding world of innovation, what is just around the corner for homes?

*Energy & Water Efficient
Homes that will save the homeowner money through energy & water efficiency will continue.
A long time ago, toilets used to use 5 gallons of water per flush.  Today, you can find new toilets that are using 1-1.5 gallons per flush.
Energy efficiency through better technology in furnaces as well as solar panels.  While rooftop solar continues to grow rapidly, a company this year might be introducing a “solar canopy”.  This solar canopy is gazebo like and is a modular kit.  It would enable homes to go off the grid or provide back-up energy if the grid goes down.

*Home Automation
With the leap in hand held devices and apps, more homes will start to be programmable through a touch of a button on your phone.
From using your phone to change the home’s temperature, to starting a lode of laundry, to turning lights on everything is just a click away.
Taking the thermostat as an example.  Left home for a few days on a family trip but left the temperature at 70?  Jump online and quickly change your temperature and then shortly before you arrive back home, change it again before you arrive back home.  Teach a thermostat your routine and it will program itself.  Check out www.nest.com for an example.

In ~5 years, fridges and air conditioners could be revolutionized by replacing the decades old use of refrigerants by using a new material that cools when demagnetized.  This new technology has the potential to be 25-30% more efficient.

*Smart Windows
The US Department of Energy just recently announced that it designed a new material.   This new material is a thin coating of nanocrystals embedded in glass that can alter sunlight as it passes through the glass.  When used as a window coating, it can control both the visible and heat-producing infrared light so those inside the home/office/building can enjoy the natural light without the unwanted heat.

*Bio-Walls/Living Walls
Actually bring the outdoors into your home through wall and shelving products for growing plants.
More and more living walls and bio-walls (between 200-500sq.ft)  could begin to inch it’s way into the home market.  Check out what  a bio-wall is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP8130SQw_8




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Looking to add a little pizzazz to your curb appeal with a limited budget?  Here are a few tips to get you going and enhance your curb appeal.

1) Add a Flower/Planter Box
Flower boxes are typically cheap and combined with going to your local nursery, the new colorful flowers that you add should be an instant hit.

2) Plant a Flowering Tree, Bush, Tree…
Like the flower boxes, let nature shine through as you walk up to your front door. For the finishing touch add some decorative mulch or some xeriscaping.

3) Install New House Numbers
If your house numbers are old and tired, head down to your local building supply store to find some new modern ones.

4) New Exterior Light Fixtures
Modern light fixtures can provide a new look and hopefully some added light to your front entry way.  Make sure you look at your old mounting system as if you can find an exterior light fixture you like with the same mounting system, you will have saved yourself some installation time.    Also, look into outdoor stainless steel solar lights.  If you are in an area of lots of sun, these would look great at night as they illuminated the pathway up to your front door.

5) New Mailbox
Look online, a thrift store or your local bldg. store to see if you can find a fun, decorative new mailbox.

6) Paint
Paint is relatively inexpensive yet makes a world of difference.  Consider painting your door & window trim, shutters and front door (if it can be painted).  Painting whether inside or outside is typically money well spent.
While you should paint to your tastes also consider checking with a local paint store to see what they recommend for the latest color trends.

7) Decorative Fence
The fence may not have to be big or keep anyone out for that matter but a fence, even a small decorative fence even a foot high helps establish boundaries and gives a mental sense of separation from the sidewalk/road to your personal property & home.




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A state law that went into place back on July 1, 2009 could require you to have a carbon monoxide alarm in your property or rental property.  IF your property is heated with fossil fuels (fuel includes kerosene, coal, oil, gas and wood), has a fossil-fuel appliance, has a fireplace or has an attached garage then the property is required to have a carbon monoxide alarm within 15 feet of the entrance to each sleeping bedroom or other room lawfully used for sleeping purposes.  When the law was written, it did not apply to commercial buildings.  This law does apply to homes & multi-family homes (example: a condo).

This rule applies to every home that is sold, remodeled, repaired, or leased to a new tenant after July 1, 2009.

For a more details about the Carbon Monoxide detector rule, you can visit the following link: http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite?blobcol=urldata&blobheadername1=Content-Disposition&blobheadername2=Content-Type&blobheadervalue1=inline%3B+filename%3D%22Frequently+Asked+Questions+-+Carbon+Monoxide+Alarm+Law+-+Colorado+House+Bill+1091.pdf%22&blobheadervalue2=application%2Fpdf&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere=1251811662754&ssbinary=true


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I just listed this beautiful Redlands Rancher atExterior Touched Up3  2355 Rana Road, Grand Junction, Colorado.

Located in the desirable Cobblestone Ridges, this low maintenance ranch style home will meet & exceed expectations. Inside, a very efficient design coupled with 9 foot ceilings in the bedrooms and 12.5 foot vaulted ceilings in the living room/kitchen are enhanced by an abundance of natural light making this home a delight to live in.

Outside, the property borders open space allowing you to sit on your covered patio enjoying the peace and quiet the area offers. Call today to set-up a showing.

Basic Specs:
Bdrms: 3 + Office
Baths: 2
Garage: Oversized 2-car garage
Solar = low utilities
Backs city owned open space of ~3 acres
Built: 2000
Take a quick tour of the home at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2-rZOenGyc&feature=youtu.be


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Between 2012 & 2013, the Census Bureau reports that 35.1 million people moved.   So, any guesses as to why 35+ million people moved last year?  Let’s take a look at the Top 15 Reasons people moved in 2013.

#1- New or Better Home/Apartment- 14. 8%
#2- To establish Own Household-  10.4%
#3- New Job or Transfer- 9.0%
#4- Wanted Cheaper Housing- 8.3%
#5- Wanted to Own Home, Not Rent- 5.8%
#6- Closer to Work, Easier Commute- 5.4%
#7- Change in Marital Status- 5.1%
#8- Better Neighborhood, Less Crime- 3.2%
#9- Other Job Related Reason- 2.3%
#10- To Look For Work or Lost Job- 2.1%
#11- Foreclosure/Eviction- 1.8%
#12- Retired- 0.7%
#13- To Attend/Leave College- 0.6%
#14- Health Reasons- 0.4%
#15- Change of Climate- 0.1%

If you find yourself like one of the 35 million americans and are considering moving, please give me a call.  Whether selling your home and moving to the beach (honestly, who else thought change of climate would be much higher?? I did) or a job relocation brings you to the Grand Junction area, I would be happy to help assist you in your real estate endeavors.

Full link to the article used for the above stats can be found at: http://eyeonhousing.org/2013/12/16/top-reasons-americans-moved-in-2013/

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Exterior Touched Up

Starting to get serious about buying?

Then time to get organized and make sure nothing is overlooked
with this buyer’s checklist.

Pre-Contract Stage

  • Get Pre-Approved for a Loan – If you think you will be buying a condo or a townhome, you will typically have an Association Fee. Make sure you have your mortgage officer ballpark a number as well as put in property taxes to get an accurate amount of how much you can qualify for.
  • Determine your Wants & Needs – Make a list of what is absolutely needed (# of bedrooms, price range, home or condo, location…) and you want but could live without.
  • Give me a call, Matt Eilers (970) 445-8227 so we can go out and look at what is available on the market.
  • IF buying into an Association, make sure you call the Property Management Company and a Board Member 1st to get a general feel of how well the association is doing financially, their future plans, possible special assessement and any current maintenance issues.
  • Found that perfect property?  Take a drive by on a Friday night as well as during the weekend to get a feel for the neighborhood (noise levels, kids/families out and about)…If you do see potential neighbors outside, ask them their impressions of the area, likes/dislikes…
  • Have kids?  Ask around and check out the schools to make sure you are comfortable with the school(s) your child will attend
  • www.maps.google.com- do a satellite view of the property you like.  This bird’s eye view will give you a good idea for the surrounding area that is hard to get from driving around.  You might find some fun things like close by parks or not so fun things like a nearby train track that you did not see (nothing like a 3am train passing thru to start the day)
  • Once you have gone over the various intangibles of your property (schools, location, views….) time to do a market analysis of the property and compare the property vs 1) solds in the past 0-6 months 2) other active properties in the area 3) withdrawn & expired listings in the past 0-6 months.

Contract Negotiation Stage

  • Make sure I have all contact info. available for you so I can get a hold of you.
  • Be prepared to right an Earnest Money Check to accompany the offer
  • Discuss Major Dates prior to submitting offer: Inspection Objection Deadline, Resolution Deadline, Loan Conditions Deadline, Appraisal Deadline, & Closing Date.
  • Be available and mentally prepared for quick negotiations and counteroffers

Under Contract Stage

  • Make a list of your major contract dates and put it on your fridge.  Put the important dates in your phone’s calendar.
  • Order a Home Inspection ASAP! – Ask the Home Inspector what is and is not covered in his/her exam. You may need a more specialized person if you want a radon test, mold test, water flow and water quality test, soils test, furnace inspection…
  • Give a copy of all contract documents to your mortgage officer
  • Review the title work which you should be sent by the Title Company usually within the 1st week to 10 days.
  • IF buying into a property that has an Association Fee, make sure you let your mortgage officer know this exact number as well as the yearly property taxes. They need these numbers to accurately assess if you can qualify for a loan.
  • Review your loan conditions with your mortgage officer prior to the Loan Objection Deadline. If there are ANY issues, you must object on or prior to this date.
  • Lock your loan type and rate when you fell comfortable.  Until you lock your rate, the interest rate can fluctuate.
  • IF buying into an Association, read all the CC&R’s and Bylaws to make sure you are comfortable with them as these will be your governing documents for your property. These docs will basically explain what is and is not allowed and generally how things are to operate. – EX: I met a Buyer once (who did not use me) that called and was very upset that she bought a condo but was not allowed to have her beloved dog at the unit and was wondering if she had any recourse. Unfortunately, she did not read her governing docs which clearly stated that NO PETS were allowed by owners or tenants on the premises. Sadly, she was out of luck and her dog would not be allowed at her new unit.
  • Obtain Property Insurance on the property. Most mortgage lenders cannot close on the property until this is done. Ask your mortgage officer what is required. If buying into a HOA, the HOA might have master insurance on the property.  Check to make sure.  If they do, I would recommend speaking with your insurance agent about a HO-6.
  • Review all Disclosures that you should receive (Sellers Property Disclosure, Water Source Disclosure, Sq.Ft Disclosure, Lead Base Paint Disclosure…)
  • Let me and/or the title company know if you will be present for closing. If not, they will need time to put together a mail out. Make sure you Notarize the documents.
  • Get an Inclusion/Exclusion List- if you are not sure if a certain item is included/excluded in the sale, ask and get it in writing.
  • Prior to Closing, walk through the property to make sure all agreed upon Inspection related items are fixed and in working order.
  • Call the title company a few days prior to closing and ask what is required of you to bring in order to have a successful closing. Also, ask for an early copy of the Settlement Statement so you can review it prior to closing. Generally, you will need to bring a Drivers License and a Certified Check or already have the money wired to the Title Company prior to Closing.

After Closing

  • Call 1-2 days prior to change all necessary utilities, phone, trash, TV… into your name.
  • Call your Insurance Company to make 100% sure that the property is insured
  • If dealing with an Association, let them know your mailing address as well as ask them when your 1 st set of monthly dues are due.
  • It is always recommended to re-key or change codes on your property where applicable.
  • Keep an eye out for that 1st Mortgage payment. You do not want to ruin your credit score because somehow in the whole crazy closing process, your mailing address for the mortgage was misprinted or written down incorrectly.
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