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We have just finished wrapping up our home exterior remodel here.  If you have ever thought about doing a stucco remodel, we love ours and it looks great.  We learned a lot during the process and a big thank you to Diaz Stucco for doing such a fantastic job and helping us through the process.

Take a look: http://youtu.be/QMp_Vo9DSHQ


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With the first quarter behind us, let’s take a look at how the Redlands real estate market performed with regard to single family homes.  Keep in mind that traditionally the 1st quarter is the slowest of the year.

Redlands 1st Quarter 2014:
# of Sales: 38
*This represents the lowest number of sales in the past 4 years.

Average Sales Price:   $297,243
*This is also below the past 6 year average. In 2013, the average sales price was just over $326K

Average Days on Market: ~151 Days
*This also represents an uptick as compared to 2013 when the average days on market was ~126 days.

All in all, Jan-March has started slow for the area BUT this does represent the slowest selling time of the year and can be influenced by what is on the market as well as weather conditions.  Not always fun to get in the mood to look at real estate when it is cold outside.

As a reminder, 2013 represented the highest number of sales over the past 6 years with 290 sales for the year.  This helped clear much of the inventory on the market which could also lead to the slower 1st quarter as much of what was on the market was the remnants of what the market in 2013 did not buy.

As an example, I brought on a very nicely presented home in the Redlands on Feb. 26th of this year and we were under contract by April 4th.  When the home came on the market, there were a few showings here and there in the 1st few weeks but near the end of March, there was a dramatic search in showing activity.  So, if this holds, it could indicate the Buyers are coming out of their winter slumber and with the nice spring time temperatures setting in are out and about looking to buy.

Check back for more updates or contact me directly with questions.


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Sunrise in the Redlands

Sunrise in the Redlands

The Redlands area of Grand Junction is a great place to live and I myself live in this wonderful area.  With easy access to great hiking trails at the Colorado National Monument, playing golf at Redlands Mesa or Tiara Rado golf courses and access to some of the best schools in Mesa County, the Redlands has something for everyone in your family.

If you are thinking of moving to or selling in the Redlands, you may find the following information useful.
*For informational purposes only.  The following data is provided to the best of my knowledge but cannot be fully verified.
We will take a look at 2013 Sales information for the Redlands to give you an idea of this area.  All of the following information is for single family homes.
# of Sales: 290
Average Sales Price: $326,732
Median Sales Price: $305,000
Average Days On Market (DOM): 126 days
Median Days On Market: 94 days
Average Bedroom Size: 3.42
Average Square Feet: 2,438 Square Feet
Average Year Built: 1988

In positive news, the average & median Sales price was up in 2013 vs 2012 by ~8%.
If you are looking at buying or selling a home in the Redlands, please call or e-mail me.

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